My best project friend.

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ok, finally we get the results of the projects. THEY gave the grades if we made a NICE architecture and the process had been forgotten even if i changed my project 3 times and lost lots of times. but after all what i will remember from this project will be the time i spend on it. having fun and suffering. i guess the projects that we gave is talking about it also. So every one of the projects is having a rithm, a song, maybe even a lyric.

Radio building in Slovakia

when i started my carreer (loong time ago) with my big size file having only 3, most listened discs, i decided to find another solution. then for the next new project i started with the radio. the most hits, the top hits, the hit pops, the most classics.

in the mornings- the energetic sometimes funny but mostly screaming djs.

in the afternoons- top hit lists, your requests or weekend recomendations.

in the nights- so lively dance or hypnotizing electronic or really slow almost sleepy songs.

An electronic music disc cover

and mostly all the day long the flash news.

I was liking this uncontroled control on the music but the sudden news entrences or proggrame chances were really destroying my concentration. so another solution came for the other project. It was pandora. i made 2 successfull project with the help of it. but one day unfortunately they closed it. you can reach the explanation by this link ( .

so i had anoter hard project semmester with my discs that turn over and over again and the favourite radio proggrames that finishes so quickly.

but those hard days didnt take so long. that summer one of my friends introduced me to her best project pal. then by the time that i discovered more i enjoyed more. i highy recommend.

the last projects that i made with it was really amusing. even if my mood was dark it really speeked of me.


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